During a recent interview on CNN, Obama-Biden ambassador to China (2014-2017) Max Baucus compared standing up to China on the coronavirus to “Hitler in the ’30s.” Baucus has proven himself to be sympathetic to China in recent interviews, where he puts down America and praises the Chinese. The MSNBC video via The Washington Free Beacon from March where Baucus praised China’s response to the coronavirus has been scrubbed but here is the transcript of what Baucus said:

“I think that the big lesson here is that when you take charge and when you tell the entire country, Wuhan, other provinces what to do, they get in gear and get the job done. I take my hat off to China for doing so.”


During a recent discussion (Auguest 2019) about the trade war with China, Baucus warned that Beijing may be able to endure more hardship than Washington:

“The Chinese are so tough, they can withstand more pain, in my judgment, than can Americans.”

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“The Chinese respect strength more than any other people. I think they can smell weakness better than any other people.”

Baucus also has ties to Chinese businesses and is on the US Chamber of Commerce notorious for pushing cheaper foreign labor over American labor: The former Senator formed the Baucus Group LLC with his wife providing consulting services to American and Chinese businesses. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Ingram Micro and the Board of Advisors to Alibaba Group:

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WFB reports: Baucus also now sits on the board of advisers for the Alibaba Group, one of the largest tech companies in China. He is on the board of directors for Ingram Micro, which was purchased by a Chinese company for $6 billion in 2016.

HNA Group, the company that purchased it, is now on the verge of being taken over by the Chinese government due to economic problems caused by the coronavirus, which would effectively make Ingram Micro a state-owned enterprise. Ingram Micro insists that it operates as a “separate standalone company” and will continue to operate that way.

Once anyone digs deeper, it’s clear that the former ambassador to China used his former position as a stepping stone to establishing extensive business connections with China. Could it be that he doesn’t like Trump’s effort to bring America’s supply chain back to produce more of our products including medicines here?

Watch below as the CNN reporter interviewing Baucus is shocked at his comments comparing Trump standing up to China to Hitler. Does anyone detect a tone of desperation in his voice?


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