Because “getting something for nothing” is all the rage with this President and the professors who spew this type of garbage to our children…Earning a living is a totally foreign concept to this generation that is being taught it’s better to receive than to give of one’s self…


RUSH: Did you hear what Obama said? This happened when I was away. When this happened, when I heard about this, I almost got on the plane and flew 12 hours back here. I could have done it on the phone but I don’t trust it.

Obama in his commencement speech at Howard University, do you remember what he said? Here’s what he said to the class of 2016 at Howard University: “Yes, you’ve worked hard, but you’ve also been lucky,” and that’s a pet peeve of mine. “People have been successful and don’t realize they’ve been lucky, that God may have blessed them. It wasn’t nothing you did!” Quote/unquote, Barack Obama, right out of the Elizabeth Warren playbook. “Hey, you didn’t build that!” which Obama also has said.

Can you imagine telling college graduates, “You’ve worked hard, but you’ve been lucky, and so’s every other successful person out there. They’ve been lucky, and they don’t realize it. Wasn’t [any]thing you did.” And that… “Nothing.” Nothing. And that is how they lay the case for Big Government. To redistribute, to make things “fair,” to determine equality of outcomes, because it’s just luck.

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Dick Gephardt, “the successful are winners of life’s lottery.” I’ll tell you, the American left, progressives, Democrats, are the greatest enemies of human greatness that we have to deal with. They really stand in the way of individual, group, whatever, human greatness, by disparaging it, by impugning it, by denying it. It’s bad enough you think it, but to run around and send college graduates from a black university out into the world thinking that what they’ve just accomplished was luck? (sigh) That’s the kind of thing, you know, you walk out of a speech, people saying things like that. Via:

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