Obama did what I hoped he wouldn’t. He went full out political in his best black reverend voice. Phony and divisive would be the two ways I would characterize the speech.

He began on a good note speaking about Rev. Pinckney but then went off the rails…bigtime!

Obama began speaking about the injustices of slavery and the American oppression represented in the Confederate flag. He then went on to speak of the past injustices with civil rights. The speech basically touched on all the injustices in the black community. He spoke of poverty, lack of education, voting rights, police brutality…on and on…

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He then skipped over to gun violence…yep, you knew he’d do it.  He named all the past mass shootings and then said this:  “We don’t need more talk” about race relations and gun violence…Uh, oh!

He’s breaking into song now! He belted out Amazing Grace in his best gospel voice. Yep, he did….and then he yelled out the names of the victims one by one while the organ played in the background for emphasis.

It’s too bad he’s using this occasion NOT to eulogize the good Rev. Pinckney but using this solemn occasion to politicize and divide. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised…HE JUST CAN’T HELP HIMSELF.



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