Just another day in the world of Obama inspired hate and intolerance…

A Schlotsky’s Assistant Manager in Seguin, Texas, gave a Texas Deputy a receipt that said “FCK U.”

According to the Texas Sheriff’s Deputies Facebook page, on Tuesday, December 20, 2016, Texas Deputy Sheriff Caddell, who was in full uniform, ordered lunch at the drive-through at the Schlotsky’s in Seguin, Texas. After the Deputy received the order, he looked at the receipt and noticed that it had been modified. A photo of the receipt was posted on the Texas Sheriff’s Deputies page, and the top part, showed in bold type, was DRIVE THRU FCK U. The remaining part of the receipt that is visible in the photo lists the date as 12/20/2016, 1:47 p.m., host and employee numbers, and the modified message again: DRIVE THRU FCK U.

The Texas Deputy, whose agency has not been identified and whose name has not been confirmed, called the restaurant and discovered that it was the Assistant Manager who had modified the receipt. The Texas Deputy then called the Schlotsky’s corporate office, who posted a response to the incident. In the response, it was noted that each franchise is independently owned and operated, and that the Seguin franchise owner had contacted the Texas Deputy “to apologize and to let him know that this is being taken seriously, that they respect and value police officers and all first responders.” The corporate response also noted that this was an isolated incident, that the employee received appropriate action, and that he had reached out to the Sheriff’s Office to apologize. The company’s response reminded Sheriff’s Office employees that they are always welcome at the Sequin location, where each officer in uniform is offered a discount in appreciation for their service. – Blue Lives Matter

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