How crazy is this president to try and sell the American people on the idiotic thought that keeping 2.2 criminals in prison hurts the economy? Prison reform is the latest bs political cause that Obama has tried to pass on to America. So we just need to let the criminals out of prison and our economy will be just fine… Pure insanity!

Keeping 2.2 million Americans in prison is hurting the economy, President Obama said Saturday in his weekly address, describing a report that outlines those arguments.

The move is part of a federal effort to rally support for an effort by the Obama Administration to reduce the number of people in prison and to help them once they are released. The administration will announce the steps next week during what has been dubbed “National Reentry Week,” from April 24-28.

“This isn’t just about what makes economic and practical sense. It’s about making sure that we live up to our ideals as a nation,” Obama said.

Among the new programs being rolled out, the Obama administration said one will include a plan to help individuals with criminal records compete for federal jobs. The White House said it will also double down on its call for businesses to show favor to the 600,000 people released from prison every year.

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Via: Washington Examiner

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