If a judge uses the Koran to be sworn in as judge, is that an indication the judge will incorporate Sharia law into decisions? It really is a good question because devout Muslims are told to obey Sharia law. Is this judge not a devout Muslim? We’re just asking the questions the main stream media won’t. Your thoughts?

President Obama is clearly not quite ready to go “gentle into that good night.” As he moves towards the end of his second term as President of the United States, Obama is still firmly in the driver’s seat. Obama announced a nomination for a federal judge on Wednesday, and that nomination is historic. Washington lawyer Abid Riaz Qureshi will become the first Muslim federal judge to hold that seat if his nomination is confirmed.

Obama released a statement about Qureshi’s nomination that read in part, according to CNN:

I am pleased to nominate Mr. Qureshi to serve on the United States District Court bench. I am confident he will serve the American people with integrity and a steadfast commitment to justice.
Qureshi is a Washington-area lawyer who has been a partner at the law firm of Lathan & Watkins LLP, where he has spent the entirety of his legal career. The Pakistani-born Qureshi, who graduated from Harvard Law School in 1997, has specialized in cases involving securities violations, False Claims Act, and health care fraud. He has served on the District of Columbia Bar Association’s Legal Ethics Committee since 2015, and from 2006-2012 served as co-chair of the Litigation Department in Washington. He currently serves at his law firm as the Chair of the Pro Bono Committee, and has done so since 2012.

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