The Democrats are great at barking orders at everyone, but they don’t even follow the orders themselves.

Last week, the requirement for wearing a mask suddenly included the vaccinated.  A flawed study’s results showed people who had the covid vaccination can be carriers of covid.

Over the weekend, Democrats chose to ignore the mask mandate they would be enforcing.

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DC Mayor Muriel Bowser was pictured at a wedding without a mask and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot attended the Lollapalooza concert without a mask. If this is such a serious strain of covid, why aren’t these city leaders masking up?

The media is bombarding Americans with fearful messages of the spreading delta variant, while the Biden regime is letting illegal aliens with covid flood our cities.

News of Barack Obama throwing himself a huge birthday party with 475 people in attendance and a staff of 200 is more of the same hypocrisy from Democrats. A superspreader event?

Is anyone surprised at Democrats who ignore the very urgency they are telling everyday Americans to feel with this new strain of covid?

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