Former President Barack Obama just cannot seem to let go of the spotlight, though his appearances on television have greatly decreased thanks to his presidential term being firmly in the past, which is right where it belongs.

Just about everyone who was awake during the eight years Obama was in office knows good and well how highly the man thinks of himself, but his latest comments about how he plans to lead “human progress in the future” is astonishing.

Apparently, the former president wants to create a “million young Obamas” to help save America and change the future. Terrifying thought, right?

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld had the perfect response.

via Fox News Insider:

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Gutfeld said Obama and other liberals tend to want to create a politically engaged base of people who want to “do something.”

He said it may be better to have a base that instead “reads something.”

“I would prefer a million Thomas Sowells,” he said, referring to the longtime conservative political thinker and theorist.

He said many of the policies championed by activists in the vein of Obama do not create the intended results and instead hurt communities.

Gutfeld noted the quest for a higher minimum wage – often called the “Fight for 15” – “outpriced teenagers” from the job market in favor of more experienced and established workers.

“That was a feel-good thing,” he said of the “Fight for 15.”

He also said the cause of redistribution through greater taxation “hollowed out the tax base” in urban areas, as people fled places like Detroit.

Gutfeld knocked this one straight out of the park. For those who aren’t in the know, Thomas Sowell is one of the greatest economists of the current generation and has had a huge influence on conservative politics over the last several decades.

He’s a huge proponent of the free market system, defender of liberty, and all around great guy.

Rather than overrun our great country with millions of cloned baby Marxists, we’d be much better off with carbon copies of Sowell, making them all teachers and professors and installing them on every major college campus in the country.

Perhaps future generations of Americans would turn out a little less crazy.

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