Black mob goes crazy and attacks fair ride operator at the Delta Fair in Tennessee. what they attacked him for is just so lame…he wasn’t loading kids fast enough. so the poor kids looked on in horror as the ride operator was pummeled.

Update: Memphis Police have arrested a man who allegedly started a fight at the Delta Fair Sunday afternoon.

24-year old Antonio Butler is the man seen at the center of what appeared to be an all-out brawl in front of a ride at the fair. Police say the fight started because Butler wasn’t admitted on the ride because it was full at the time.

After Butler was denied he, along with a few others, became irate and the attack began.

A fair patron recorded the fight and put the video on Facebook, which has since received millions of views. Many of the comments on the video express concerns about safety at the fair, and whether or not it will return for another year. Sunday was the last day for the fair.


Everyone involved in the fight was escorted off the premises shortly after. Butler now faces assault charges.

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