And why is this person not up on domestic terrorism charges? Can you imagine a white person being caught on camera making such claims in a crowded room of white racists? Lorretta Lynch’s DOJ would have already descended on them if the color of their skin was anything but black. We are witnessing something very ugly taking place in America, orchestrated by a man the majority of Americans voted for as their two-term president, because they actually believed he would make our country even better…

In rarely seen angle on the Black Lives Matter mob takeover of a NetRoots Nation Presidential Town Hall last weekend in Phoenix, Arizona, activists from the group scream explicit calls for violence and chaos, using an Occupy Wall Street style call-and-response technique to advocate “burn everything down,” “shut this shit down,” and “rise the f*ck up.”if i die

By the way, it’s worth mentioning that spineless, pandering Democrat presidential candidate Martin O’Malley was on the stage witnessing this whole scene unfold. Does anyone remember O’Malley apologizing to the crowd following this event for having the audacity to say: “All lives matter”?

OMalley ss

The shouted manifesto lays bare the theory behind the burning, looting, and rioting that have transpired in recent months in Baltimore and Ferguson, and it also lays out the group’s agenda on current news events like immigration reform, transgender activism, and the fables about the death of convicted criminal Sandra Bland that the group is spreading through the media.

The nascent Black Lives Matter movement cannot claim that these statements were made by a few fringe members: the entire rant was orchestrated by Black Lives Matter Founder Patrisee Cullors, who can be seen in the video enthusiastically pumping her fist and shouting along with every incendiary statement.

Nor is Black Lives Matter a fringe group; they have been embraced and given fealty by the highest levels of the Democratic power structure. Cullors told a British interviewer, “We’re going into halls of power now. Many of us are meeting with mayors or meeting with local government. Some of us have met with President Obama himself to talk about the demands.”

Ms. Cullors’ name appears on White House visitor records.

Last week, Breitbart News exposed that convicted cop killer Assata Shakur is one of the heroes of the Black Lives Matter founders. Black Lives Matter pays homage to Cuban exile Shakur and quotes the Communist Manifesto at every single Black Lives Matter event.

In one of the only cases of any coverage of the Black Lives Matter shrieks of angry poety at Netroots, CNN glossed over some of the crowd’s chants in their reporting, but just as they did with Occupy movement, most of mainstream media has completely ignored the radical and revolutionary agenda revealed in Black Liver Matter’s scripted call-and-response at NetRoots Nation. Even though the horde of screamers is surrounded by cameras, there has been no public criticism of Cullors and her folloers shouting “burn everything down,” nor any calls for her to apologize for her group’s offensive statements.

That media fail is unfortunate, because every American should hear who Black Lives Matter is, what they stand for and what they want, in the group’s own words.

Guided Transcript of What Black Lives Matter Said
The group starts by pointing out that both leftist journalists like CNN’s openly gay Don Lemon and mainstream racer baiting Democrats like the Reverend Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson are actually too moderate for them:

If I die in police custody do not let my parents talk to Don Lemon, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or any of the motherfuckers that would destroy my name. Let them know that my sisters got this.

Then another activist links the group with the LGBTQ political left. Black Lives Matter was founded by Cullors and two other women who self-identify as queer.

The speaker makes reference to being called by “the name I choose, not the name I was given”; a familiar demand for anyone who has followed the recent Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner controversy.

If I die in police custody say my name, say my name… the name that I chose, not the one I was given. If I die in police custody make sure that I’m remembered. Make sure my sisters are remembered. Say their names. Say their names. Marsha P. Johnson. [Unintelligible] Say their names! Say that Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter!

Marsha P. Johnson is name used by Malcolm Michaels, Jr., a New York drag queen who died in 1992 in a death ruled a suicide. Johnson / Michaels was not in police custody.

The group then turns to its pro-illegal immigration position. Two of Black Lives Matter’s founders head up pro-Illegal alien groups.

If I die in ICE custody say I am not a criminal. Stop funding prisons and detention centers! Shut ICE down and (unintelligible) jails and our prisons! Not one more deportation!

The line about ending all deportations got huge applause and cheers from the Netroots.

The group then begins to turn their screeched narrative into an emotional and paranoid attack on white people. In strident language, they shout their fear that “white supremacy” wants to kill black Americans en masse.

If I die in police custody, know your silence helped kill me. White sumprecacy helped kill me. And my child is parentless now.

If I die in police custody know that I want to live! We want to live! We fight to live! Black lives matter! All black lives matter!

Then the mob makes a thinly veiled reference to Sandra Bland, a woman whose death the group has been exploiting and spreading false information and conspiracy theories about for several weeks.

Bland’s death in jail after she was arrested for assaulting a police officer was ruled a suicide, and an autopsy confirmed that suicide finding with physical evidence. The autopsy also revealed that Bland had a large amount of marijuana in her system.

Additionally, Bland had made a previous suicide attempt, had spoken about depression in a video she’d posted on social and during intake at the jail had written herself that she was “very depressed” that day. Further, Bland had had at least ten prior run-ins with law enforcement that had resulted in numerous conviction and over $7,500 in outstanding fines.

Despite the mountain of evidence about Sandra Bland’s sad history, the Black Lives Matter movement has continued to push the idea that Bland was an activist who was the victim of murder by the police. They push this narrative at Netroots with a series of calls to violent action:

If I die in police custody don’t believe the hype, I was murdered! Protect my family! Indict the system! Shut that shit down!

If I die in police custody. Avenge my death! By any means necessary!

If I die in police custody burn everything down! Because no building is worth more than my life! And that’s the only way motherfuckers like you listen!

If I die in police custody make sure I’m the last person to die in police custody by any means necessary!

If I die in police custody do not hold a moment of silence for me! Rise the fuck up! Because your silence is killing us!

At this point, the group is interrupted by Netroots Nation official.

As National Journal reported—in a story that mentions none of these calls to violent action—Netroots Nation itself announced plans to work with Black Lives Matter.

For its part, Netroots declined to criticize the protest. “Although we wish the candidates had more time to respond to the issues, what happened today is reflective of an urgent moment that America is facing today,” the group said in a statement. “In 2016, we’re heading to St. Louis. We plan to work with activists there just as we did in Phoenix with local leaders, including the #BlackLivesMatter movement, to amplify issues like racial profiling and police brutality in a major way.”

As the old song goes, see you in St. Louis. Bring a fire extinguisher.

Via: Breitbart News

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