Obama’s ICE took him into custody. A U.S. ordered him to leave the country, then trusted him to magically appear when the time came to send him back home. Surely no American in their right mind believes this is the first time a deported immigrant, driving around with an ISIS flag in his trunk was deported and then returned into the general public. As a side note, Somali is one of the terror-hotbed nation’s that President Trump wanted to see temporarily  banned from entering the U.S.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Tuesday that a Somali refugee charged with ramming his car into a Canadian policeman, stabbing him and then injuring four people while leading officers on a high-speed chase over the weekend was ordered deported from the U.S. in 2011.

Jennifer Elzea, an ICE spokeswoman, said Hasan Sharif Abdulahi was taken into ICE’s custody in San Diego in July of that year and in September an immigration judge ordered him sent back to Somalia.

Elzea said Sharif was released from custody two months later then failed to report as ordered for his removal on Jan. 24, 2012. She said efforts to locate him were unsuccessful.

Sharif faces 11 charges, including five of attempted murder in the Saturday night attack in Edmonton, Alberta. Police have raised the possibility of filing terrorism charges against Sharif because there was an Islamic State flag in his car and he was investigated in 2015 for espousing extremist views.

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Canadian Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said Sharif, 30, entered Canada legally in 2012 and obtained refugee status.

A preliminary hearing for Sharif opened Tuesday but was recessed so he can find a lawyer. He appeared on closed-circuit television and followed proceedings with the help of an interpreter. The suspect spoke briefly with a lawyer who stepped forward to help.

Edmonton police say they believe Sharif acted alone during the series of attacks, which began around 8:15 p.m. Saturday as police Constable Mike Chernyk was handling crowd control outside a Canadian Football League game at a stadium just northeast of downtown. – AP

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