Obama’s CIA Chief has already been caught in a whopper when he was asked if intel spies on Americans…

His answer was a slick one but we now know it was a lie.

Remember when Clapper nervously said, “Not wittingly” (see below) during a hearing on NSA spying?

He’s at it again with his vague answers to cover his a** before the house of cards falls all around him once the IG report comes out.

“You have to wonder about that,” says former CIA chief James Clapper on whether or not AG Barr opened a probe into the origins of the Mueller Report for political reasons.

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“This obviously complies with a long-standing request of Pres. Trump that the investigators be investigated”

Nice try, but we’re not buying one bit of what Clapper has to say. He’s out there on CNN and other leftist news sources trying to spin his way out of trouble. If he and others can all claim this is political then the American people won’t pay attention to the corruption that happened under Obama. Clapper is hoping his spin works in the court of public opinion because it surely won’t win in any other court.


Remember the famous moment when US NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE CHIEF James Clapper was testifying about the NSA surveillance of Americans when he let slip a sign he was not being truthful. Of course, we knew this was all a smoke and mirrors show. Clapper later said he “misspoke”…last we checked it’s pretty much the same thing as lying…

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Here’s the video below where he parses words in his testimony:

Clapper took over in 2010 heading up 17 different intelligence agencies. His tenure was marked by the Edward Snowden leaks on US intelligence. Gen. Mike Flynn knew Clapper was a rat:

General Flynn’s Op-ed addressing his relationship with Clapper gives us a clue:

Two years ago, I was called into a meeting with the undersecretary of defense for intelligence and the director of national intelligence, and after some “niceties,” I was told by the USDI that I was being let go from DIA. It was definitely an uncomfortable moment (I suspect more for them than me).

I asked the DNI (Gen. James Clapper) if my leadership of the agency was in question and he said it was not; had it been, he said, they would have relieved me on the spot.

I knew then it had more to do with the stand I took on radical Islamism and the expansion of al Qaeda and its associated movements. I felt the intel system was way too politicized, especially in the Defense Department. After being fired, I left the meeting thinking, “Here we are in the middle of a war, I had a significant amount of combat experience (nearly five years) against this determined enemy on the battlefield and served at senior levels, and here it was, the bureaucracy was letting me go.” Amazing.


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