After 9 Months Of Hard-Core Islam…Muslim “Clock Boy” Returns To TX…Still Plans To Sue State He “Misses” For $15 MILLION

CAIR’s poster child for how to use Islam to get everything you want in politically correct America comes home…

Obama boot camp?

Ahmed Mohamed, the teen known as “Clock Boy,” may be back in Texas within days. After nine months of living in his new homeland, Qatar, he reportedly feels homesick.
Late Friday, the Dallas Morning News reported Mohamed plans to return to Texas early in the week for an extended visit. The teen’s uncle, Aldean Mohamed, said: “He miss[es] Texas, and he miss[es] Irving.”

Breitbart Texas reported on Ahmed Mohamed’s earlier yearnings to return to the Lone Star State in December. The uncle also indicated his nephew will catch up with family in the Dallas suburb of Irving and has events lined up with some tech companies. The Dallas newspaper did not disclose any information with whom the teen will meet.

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Ahmed Mohamed was the 14-year-old Irving Independent School District high school freshman detained last September for bringing to class a makeshift clock-in-a-box which school officials and police initially believed was a “hoax bomb.” No charges were filed once the situation sorted itself out, but the teen served three days of suspension before his family decided to withdraw him from the school district.

A subsequent media firestorm ensued in which mainstream news outlets insisted “Islamophobia” was behind Mohamed’s detainment. Breitbart Texas maintained it was the result of rigid public school zero tolerance policies and a month later, the Associated Press agreed.

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Last October, Mohamed accepted a fully-funded education scholarship from the Qatar Foundation, an organization with reputed ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, over an invitation to the one of the world’s most prestigious private research universities, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This year, MIT ranked #1 across twelve fields of study with other disciplines placing in the Top Five internationally.

Fueled by the progressive narrative of victimization, Mohamed traveled to Google’s Northern California headquarters, toured the Qatari educational system he now attends, made a Saudi-funded pilgrimage to Mecca, rubbed shoulders with Sudanese Islamic autocrat Bashir, appeared in a Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) promo video with Executive Director Nihad Awad, a supporter of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, and attended CAIR’s 2015 “Champions for Justice” gala in Arlington, VA. Then, Mohamed visited the White House for Astronomy Night where he met President Obama alongside other invited students.

Previously, the Commander-in-Chief tweeted the teen should bring his “cool clock” with him but that was not possible. The family did not retrieve it until late October despite the Irving Police Department’s requests for them to do so a month earlier.

While in Washington, D.C., Uncle Aldean, Ahmed, and his father Mohamed Elhassen Mohamed rallied with uber-left California U.S. Rep. Mike Honda, who pushed for a DOJ probe into the Irving school district and police department regarding the legality of the teen’s detainment.

TIME Magazine listed Mohamed on their 30 Most Influential Teens of 2015; yet, by December, with the Christmas season shrouded by Islamic State attacks in Paris, State Department travel alerts, and Syrian refugees at U.S. borders, sympathy waned for the Islamophobia poster child. Breitbart News reported that the same liberal media that championed Mohamed’s every move, lost interest.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Uncle Aldean Mohamed said the family still plans to sue the Irving ISD over Ahmed’s arrest. After they left for Qatar, the Mohamed family demanded a total of $15 million — $10 million from the City of Irving and $5 million from the school district — and threatened a lawsuit if they did not receive it. In a 10-page letter to the Irving City Attorney and a similar 9-page letter to Irving ISD’s attorney, the family claimed “Islamophobia” among their clock related incident allegations. Via: Bretibart News

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