I just happened to go to the Baltimore mayor’s Facebook page and saw this telling statement:

“Had a very productive meeting today with Attorney General Loretta Lynch. I reiterated my commitment to working with the Department of Justice for bold policing reforms in Baltimore.”

BOLD POLICING REFORMS??? You could make the police force perfect and there would still remain the REAL problem in Baltimore. We don’t want to talk about what’s REALLY wrong with Baltimore…

Baltimore’s mayor announced Wednesday that she had asked the Department of Justice to investigate whether the city’s police department has acted unconstitutionally.

“Throughout my administration, we have taken a number of steps to change the culture and practices of the Baltimore Police Department,” Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (D) said.

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“Despite this progress, we all know that Baltimore continues to have a fractured relationship between the police and the community.”

The announcement comes one day after new Attorney General Loretta Lynch visited the city and met with Rawlings-Blake.

Via: The Hill

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