Reasonable Americans expected never expected unbiased justice to be served by Eric Holder in a skirt… 

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Bloomberg Politics Mark Halperin cited a “senior Justice Department official” who said Attorney General Loretta Lynch will not recuse herself from the investigation into presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton use of a private email while secretary of state. Critics have called on Lynch to do so after holding a private meeting with her husband former President Bill Clinton earlier this week.

Halperin also said the source does not anticipate Lynch will admit the meeting was a mistake.

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“This is a senior Justice Department official who is playing down that this is anything new,” Halperin said. “Says this was the attorney general’s intention all along to let the career people decide. Quote, ‘She is not recusing herself. She is not stepping aside and does not expect that the attorney general will say it was a mistake to meet with Bill Clinton privately for 20 or 30 minutes.’” –Breitbart

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch will support the recommendations from prosecutors and others leading probes into the use of a private email server by Hillary Clinton during her time as secretary of state, a Justice Department official said.

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Lynch’s statement — expected later Friday during a gathering in Colorado — underscores the intense sensitivity surrounding the FBI and Justice investigations into the past use of an exclusive email server by the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

By promising to abide by the recommendations, Lynch would directly address worries by Clinton critics and others that she — as an Obama administration appointee — could ultimately overrule the investigators.

Her expected statement reflects an apparent desire to reinforce a by-the-book approach to the Clinton case, which has already played a dominant role in Republican attacks on the campaign trail.

Lynch planned to make the comments later Friday during an appearance with Washington Post editorial writer Jonathan Capehart at the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado.

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