According to Ben Miller, he was paying $398 per month for his health insurance policy when he was notified his monthly payment would be increased to $1400 per month. Since Ben chose not to pay the $1400/month health insurance payment, he was fined by the IRS. Here is the copy of his IRS statement showing he owes a staggering $2,344 for not contributing his “shared responsibility.”

Our records show you have an unpaid shared responsibility payment for the tax year ending December 31, 2014.

The law allows us to assess this payment against you for not securing minimal essential health insurance for you and your dependents if applicable.

As a result, your balance is $2,344.00. The balance shown is due immediately. IRS address blocked

Here is Benjamin Miller’s original FB post:

Thanks Obama for the fine for not having insurance
Because the the plan I had that was 398.00 a month for my family only increased to 1400.00 a month in 2014
So I chose not to pay 1400.00 a month
So got a nice little fine
Thanks for the affordable care act.
Thanks for making it so affordable!!

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