Barack Obama’s legacy will be a divided, lawless, mooching, disrespectful America. Obama has been very clear about his open alliance with Black Lives Matter terrorists and professional race baiters for hire. Ever since the death of thug Trayvon Martin, when Obama began his first strategy meetings with Al Sharpton and his former AG, racist Eric Holder, he’s been shamelessly holding closed-door meetings at our White House. His meetings have been met with criticism by many Americans for hosting unsavory characters, like the guy wearing a tracking device on his ankle for kidnapping and rappers who threaten to harm fellow Americans if the election doesn’t go their way at our White House. All the while, Obama has been subtly encouraging the masses to keep up the fight against law enforcement and to not let up on the oppressive white man.

These violent protests are NOT spontaneous. They are happening as a result of a well planned, highly strategized and well-funded group of hard core leftists, who will stop at nothing to ensure their radical agenda is not upended by the shocking rise of the unafraid Donald Trump.

YThis anti-Trump mob began their organized disruptions last night in San Jose, CA. It all started with the typical union chant (union influence can be found in every anti-Trump rally) that has been adopted by every leftist group in America. Here, you can see most of the protesters are Hispanic (likely illegal aliens):


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