No evidence…No worries…Obama’s got this one. Meanwhile, the Democrat Party’s presidential nominee would already be in jail if King Obama wasn’t stalling the investigation…

In case you needed more evidence that Obama’s Justice Department is more interested in proving white people are racists than actually fighting crime, here it is: The FBI is offering a huge reward for anyone that can help them frame a white police officer who killed an armed black criminal in a completely justified shooting.

Last week, a white Mobile, AL police officer shot and killed Michael Moore during a traffic stop. I know what you are thinking, no, not fat white liberal gasbag Michael Moore, this was black criminal Michael Moore.

On June 13th, Officer Harold Hurst with the Mobile PD was on his way to work when he observed a white Lexus make a dangerous left turn into traffic, almost causing an accident. The officer pulled the vehicle over that was being driven by Michael Moore, with two additional passengers. The ID Moore gave was fake and the car was stolen.

Officer Hurst called for back up and asked Moore to step out of the car. The officer observed a .40 caliber handgun in Moore’s waistband and ordered him to put his hands up. Instead, Moore reached for the gun so Hurst had no choice but to shoot. On the ground, Moore was still trying to get to the gun in his pants and the officer fired another round. Moore was taken to the hospital where he died.

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Police recovered a gun from Moore’s body and one of the passengers in the car confirmed that he had a gun on him at the time of the shooting. This is as cut-and-dry of a justifiable police shooting as you will ever find, but not everyone sees it that way. Moore’s family and local black activists insist this was a murder and accuse the police of a cover up.

Because any time black people complain about something, no matter how little evidence there is to support their claims, the feds come running. The FBI and the US Attorney’s Office have launched an investigation based on one little weird thing.

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Officer Hurst was on his way to work and had yet to report for duty. As such, he didn’t have his body cam on and didn’t capture the deadly confrontation. The feds figure this must be evidence that the officer is lying, even though all evidence points to the events unfolding the way Hurst said they did.

With no actual evidence, the FBI is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who may have recorded the shooting on a cell phone according to Seriously? There isn’t any real crime going on so the feds want to spend a big wad of cash to help them build a case against a police officer who was just doing his duty? This is pathetic.

Obama’s Justice Department has wasted millions upon millions of dollars trying to prove how racist America is and come up with nothing. With expensive investigations into the Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric, Garner, Tamir Rice, and dozens of other black deaths yielding no fruit, the administration seems hell bent on spending as much money as possible to prove Al Sharpton is right about something.

Michael Moore was driving a stolen car filled with stolen goods. He had a fake ID and a handgun, which was also stolen. A passenger in his car said Moore had the gun and made a move for it before being shot. Why are the feds even looking at this case?

And let’s keep in mind that this is the same FBI that didn’t see a problem with Omar Mateen, the radical Islamic terrorist who killed 49 people in Orlando. Via: DownTrend

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