“My success in the financial markets has given me a greater degree of independence than most other people,” Soros once wrote. “This allows me to take a stand on controversial issues: In fact, it obliges me to do so because others cannot.” -George Soros

MORE and OBS, two groups funded by George Soros, advertised money available for people willing to travel to protest (@organizemo is the twitter account of MORE):

joe prich


Listen to radical socialist George Soros talk about his innocuous <sarcasm> and oh so “transparent” little organization here:

George Soros gives billions to left-wing causes: Soros started the Open Society Institute in 1993 as a way to spread his wealth to progressive causes. Using Open Society as a conduit, Soros has given more than $7 billion to a who’s who of left-wing groups. This partial list of recipients of Soros’ money says it all:

ACORN, Apollo Alliance, National Council of La Raza, Tides Foundation, Huffington Post, Southern Poverty Law Center, Soujourners, People for the American Way, Planned Parenthood, and the National Organization for Women.

George Soros wants to curtail American sovereignty: Soros would like nothing better than for America to become subservient to international bodies. He wants more power for groups such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, even while saying the U.S. role in the IMF should be “downsized.” In 1998, he wrote: “Insofar as there are collective interests that transcend state boundaries, the sovereignty of states must be subordinated to international law and international institutions.”

After protesters protested not getting their checks from MORE on May 14th, MORE allegedly distributed the following list as to who was paid to protest in Ferguson and elsewhere to show where the money had been going.

Obviously, as we’ve mentioned before, this is far from a ‘grassroots spontaneous’ protest.

You can see the money paid out to Lisa Fithian, $1,127.75, for ‘visit expenses.’

For those who do not know, Lisa Fithian is an infamous leftist organizer. She organized at Occupy but has been used as a training organizer for many years before that. She spent time in Ferguson in 2014, training people to ‘simulate chaos.’

Is it possible that George Soros has a love affair with Lisa Fithian because of their common hatred for Israel?

Also of note, you can see that some people are being paid to travel to other places to protest, you can see the travel to Selma, and to D.C., as well as money paid out for ‘vans’, including to a union for providing the vans. Elizabeth Vega got $2000 for ‘activist trip to Baltimore’.

There is money paid for protester supplies and protester catering, as well as for video recording of the protests. Some things were not so defined such as $2000 to Taylor Payne for ‘support’.

$52,815 is paid to MORE. Money clearly was to go through them to the protesters, according to the protesters during their #Cuthtechecks protest.

There are big payouts to Jeff Ordower. Jeff Ordower is a bit like a male Lisa Fithian, he was an organizer for the SEIU and ACORN. He founded MORE and his stated goal is “welcoming co-conspirators in attempts to scale up numbers of radical organizers who can financially support themselves in the work”. He is the white man protesters are complaining to in this clip, when they protested not getting paid. He would appear to be disburser of the checks.

Brittany Ferrell and Ashley Yates receive thousands on behalf of MAU, Millenial Activists United, one of the protester groups. Ferrell, tries to justify her position in this Facebook post where she blames Ordower for screwing everything up.

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