On Monday, we reported on a man who drowned near Martha’s Vineyard.

That man turned out to be Tafari Campbell, the personal chef of Barack Obama.

He apparently drowned near Obama’s private beach.

This seems to be a common trend for White House chefs…

In a strange coincidence, back in 2015, the body of former White House chef for Bill Clinton was found submerged off a hiking trail in northern New Mexico.

61-year-old Walter Scheib took a solo hiking trip on June 13, 2015.

His body was found near Taos off of the Yerba Canyon hiking trail.

Scheib had served both Clinton and George W. Bush as a chef.

Jesse Watters from Fox News pointed out the strange coincidence:

Daily Mail reported on the Clinton chef’s drowning in 2015:

A former White House chef accidentally drowned on a New Mexico fishing trip before rescue workers found him more than a week after his disappearance, according to an autopsy.

Walter Scheib, 61, was last seen on Saturday June 13 before he headed to hike a trail in the Taos Ski Valley near Taos, where he had recently moved.

After his concerned girlfriend raised the alarm about his disappearance on Tuesday, search teams scoured the mountains from land and air but found no trace of him.

But cell phone data revealed Scheib’s last known location in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and his body was found on Sunday in a mountain drainage flowing with water from a recent storm.


Gee, what are the odds?..

The Post Millennial with details on the death of Obama’s chef:

The 43-year-old man who drowned while paddleboarding off the Edgardtown coast of Martha’s Vineyard on Sunday has been identified as the personal chef to Barack and Michelle Obama.

Tafari Campbell was a White House chef before coming on in the personal employ of the Obamas after President Obama left office in 2017.

Divers recovered his body just before 10 am from Edgartown Great Pond, on which the Obama family’s $12 million mansion lies.


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