Whoever thought asking Obama’s terrorists soldiers to shut down highways, throw Molotov cocktails, bricks, concrete and fireworks at innocent human beings who risk their lives every day to keep our cities and towns safe would be a good idea, should really reconsider. There hasn’t been this much anger or distrust between Americans in decades. In the end, this movement will have just the opposite effect the protesters hoped it would have. Police officers will likely stop coming into high crime areas and will instead, allow residents to sort out their own dangerous situations.

This movement has completely divided our country into responsible, level-headed Americans vs. angry citizens and illegal aliens who have signed up to be soldiers in Obama’s race war and his war on law enforcement in America. Nothing good or positive will come out of this and Obama knows that. But then again, Barack care about the interests of the Americans who elected him. It’s all about pushing his radical agenda. 

Twenty-one officers from various Minnesota law enforcement agencies were injured and more than 102 protestors were arrested as a demonstration on the I-94 freeway in St. Paul turned violent Saturday night, with protestors hurling rocks, bottles, fireworks and bricks at law enforcement officers on the scene.

Hundreds of demonstrators began protesting at the Governor’s Residence in St. Paul Saturday night over the police-involved shooting death of Philander Castile earlier in the week before heading onto the I-94 freeway around 8 p.m., local Fox affiliate KMSP reported.

The interstate was shut down in both directions for more than five hours and the protests eventually turned violent, with demonstrators hurling bricks, fireworks and at least one Molotov cocktail at officers, according to the St. Paul Police Department. Via: Breitbart

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