THIS is what’s happening across America with Obama’s “dreamers” aka teen illegals who come to America and do whatever the hell they want to. Yes, it’s happening and is mostly being done by one of the THOUSANDS of MS-13 gang members who’re brutal heartless criminals. The media wants you to have sympathy for the young kids and teens who’re crossing our border but in reality many of these teens are criminals. The number of MS-13 gang members in America has exploded of the past few years. You can thank Obama and his open borders buddies for animals like the three who brutally raped a Long Island teen… 

A teenage gang member was sentenced to 12 years in prison Wednesday for raping a teenage girl on a Long Island golf course last year.


Joel Escobar, 18, was the second teen to be sentenced in what Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota called the ‘brutal’ robbery, rape and sodomy of a 16-year-old girl on May 29, 2015.
Spota said Escobar and Jose Cornejo, 17, who is serving a 15-year prison sentence in the same case, took turns raping the girl while a third teen, Bryan Larios, allegedly acted as a lookout.
Larios is awaiting trial, Spota said in a press release.

Spota said the mother of the victim spoke in court prior to the sentencing.

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The mother said Escobar will never comprehend the effects the attack had on her daughter, ‘because he has no conscience.’
Escobar pleaded guilty in March to rape in the first degree, two counts of criminal sexual act in the first degree, and to second-degree robbery charges for stealing the victim’s cell phone.
The DA’s office had recommended an 18-year sentence for Escobar.
Spota previously said Brentwood residents Escobar, Cornejo and Larios are all from El Salvador and members of the MS-13 street gang.
The three were accused last summer of approaching the girl and her male friend at a Brentwood middle school at about 6pm.

They robbed and beat the friend, who then fled the scene, prosecutors said.
Escobar and Cornejo then told the girl they had a weapon and forced her to walk about a half-mile to a secluded area of the Brentwood Country Club golf course.
It was there, prosecutors said, that Cornejo and Escobar raped the girl while Larios allegedly acted as a lookout.
She was later found walking out of the woods nearly naked by golfers, who called police.
Attorneys for the trio said their clients were high school students, but Assistant District Attorney Lawrence Opisso disputed that, saying he did not believe any of the three attended school.
Spota said police identified Cornejo as one of the suspects because the victim gave investigators a detailed description of a tattoo he has on his chin.
The prosecutor described the tattoo as skull adorned with flames.
Escobar and a fourth man – also a suspected MS-13 gang member – were charged with robbing and beating a man on April 28 at the same middle school. Escobar was also charged with threatening the victim with violence if he reported the incident to police.

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