Democrats have been behaving like the speech police telling everyone what they can and cannot say.

In the past few days, President Trump has been called a “racist” for using the term “Kung flu” for the coronavirus. On two recent occasions,  at the Tulsa rally and just last night, President Trump used the term sending the left into a tailspin. This was it, according to the TV pundits…Trump is, for sure, a racist because he used the term “Kung flu” twice.

A Phoenix church was the sight of the “Students for Trump” Convention where President Trump used the term “Kung Flu”:

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The problem is that this term was used by the VA in 2015 during the Obama administration, and no one blinked an eye. The term was used in a campaign for the flu vaccine.

The photo below is of a “Kung Flu Fighter” wearing a mask with “Get Your Flu Shot” captioned below:

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The Gateway Pundit reports that the web page at the VA was recently taken down. However, it appears in Google Cache, and the VA page contained a link to download the Kung Flu Fighter poster, but it too has been taken down.

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