Communities like Ferguson, Baltimore and now Milwaukee, didn’t ask for this war on cops, it was thrust upon them. It was organized, paid for and well-orchestrated by Obama and other Democrats players from a variety of backgrounds. Former Attorney General Eric Holder was caught paying protesters with taxpayer money to come to Sanford, FL to march against George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case that got Obama’s Race War/War on Cops started back in March, 2012. 

obama and friends

With so many stories about the violence and crime coming out of Milwaukee, a bright ray of hope comes from a prayer rally created by a community torn apart by Obama’s war on cops.

A young girl bravely speaks out against the violence in her neighborhood. The sadness and despair in her shaking voice is truly heartbreaking. These people are trapped in a neighborhood overrun with crime, violence and despair. They’re trapped in a neighborhood run by greedy Democrat politicians who have substituted government control for self-respect and dignity. They have taken away these citizens desire to do better, they have stripped them of the belief that they truly can escape their situation. They’ve set up Planned Parenthood abortion mills on every corner to keep their population down and have given them just enough to sustain themselves, but not too much to escape government control.

Rotten school officials and union leaders tasked with improving their education are only out for themselves, always looking for the next pay raise or special perk that comes with the job. What these self-serving politicians and school administrators are giving to these communities of mostly fatherless kids are a poor education, low self-esteem and no hope for a better life.These young adults are choosing a life of crime over a job. They’re choosing to drop out of school instead of getting a job at a local fast-food restaurant while attending a local community college or technical training center. These young adults don’t know, or understand the value of sacrificing today for a future tomorrow, because the Democratic Party has convinced them they don’t need to worry about the future. They’ve convinced them they don’t need to be self-sufficient. The only thing they need is the government…and that’s enough. That’s also the reason this frightened little girl seen in the video below, is trapped in this tragic neighborhood filled with violence and crime and may never get out as long as Democrats continue to fool the voters in these crime-ridden cities they are on their side.

Thank goodness these citizens, (who are truly a ray of hope in these uncertain times) are able to turn to God for guidance and to ask for protection for their community, and for law enforcement officers who keep their neighborhoods safe.


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