fergusonObama’s silence on this repulsive trend by cop haters will mostly harm crime ridden inner cities, as law enforcement will begin to stand down to crime instead of placing themselves in harms way…

A Near West Side man has been charged with hitting and injuring a police officer with his car and trying to hit additional officers after police pursued him for more than eight miles Thursday night.

Michael Wiseman, 24, of the 100 block of North Sangamon Street, is charged with aggravated assault of a peace officer after he used his vehicle to intentionally drive into the officer, according to court documents. He is also charged with criminal damage to government property and fleeing and attempting to elude police.

Thursday night, police officers suspected Wiseman of dealing drugs from his blue Chrysler Sedan after they saw his car near the corner of Halsted and 123rd streets, said Assistant State’s Attorney Danny Hanichak. Officers then followed Wiseman to the corner of Michigan Avenue and 99th Street, where they approached Wiseman’s car on foot, Hanichak said.


Upon seeing the officers approach his car, Wiseman tried to flee, and tried to hit the police officers with his car before speeding away, Hanichak said. Police then pursued Wiseman northbound on the Dan Ryan Expressway for more than eight miles with the help of a helicopter, Hanichak said.

Wiseman stopped again at the 3700 block of South Wentworth Avenue, and police again approached his car on foot in an attempt to take him into custody. Wiseman then struck and injured an approaching police officer with his car, tried to hit two other officers, and fled, colliding with two squad cars on the way, Hanichak said.

Wiseman drove south on South Wentworth Avenue until he crashed into a parked Dodge Ram, Hanichak said. Police were able to arrest Wiseman about 10:32 p.m. on the 3900 block of South Wentworth. Drugs were found in the vehicle, Hanichak said.

Wiseman has a child, is a high school graduate and was attending Malcolm X College, his public defender said in bond court Saturday. Via: Chicago Tribune

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