What a hypocrite!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just said during an interview with Spectrum News that she tosses plastic bags. This is the same woman who wants Americans to accept her ‘Green New Deal’?

It’s so typical of a socialist to make you follow the rules but then they don’t apply to her.

Is she not smart enough to reuse the bags or get cloth bags to go shopping with?

Listen to her lack of reasoning on this:

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“I can be upset that I get ten plastic bags at the grocery store and then have to toss out my plastic bags because the recycling program in the area is tough, and that’s ok.”


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This is the same woman who wants people to think twice before having children because she believes we’re all doomed if we don’t accept the ‘Green New Deal’.

She discusses banning plastic bags in the second video down:


We have one word for this brainiac…REUSE!

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