On the same day Biden’s FBI was raiding President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, our incompetent “leader” Joe Biden, had to ask his wife, “Nurse Jill,” to help him put on his jacket after he spent several seconds flailing around on camera trying to do what most would consider a simple task, as he exited Marine One in Lexington, KY.

After struggling to get his jacket on, Biden’s signature aviator sunglasses fell off his head.

His wife walked away embarrassed after attempting to help him.


Biden boarded Marine One yesterday to see First Lady Jill Biden after being isolated for weeks after being infected with Covid-19.

After Biden recovered from his first bout of Covid-19, he reportedly caught it again and was forced to isolate himself even longer.

Twitter users offered their commentary on Biden’s latest gaffe, with one saying that it was “painful to watch.”

“ACT for America,” a conservative organization, said that the incident shows that Biden is not ‘capable’ of being President.

Another user speculated that someone other than Biden must have ordered the raid on President Trump’s estate in Mar-A-Lago, as Biden is not even capable of putting on his jacket.

One person remarked that the two servicemembers standing by Biden must have had impeccable discipline for not laughing at Biden as he struggled to get dressed when exiting Marine One.

Biden’s latest issue exiting Marine One isn’t the first time he has had problems with Presidential aircraft.

In March of 2021, just two months after Biden took office, he went viral after he tripped while trying to climb the stairs of Air Force One.

Biden has also had issues with other forms of transportation, including a more recent incident where he fell off a bike.  The incident led to internet users labeling the area where he fell “Brandon Falls” on Google Maps.


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