Common sense wins in these school districts! Teachers encouraged to pack heat makes the best sense in the defense of anyone in the school. This is great!

Donald Trump told an audience in Vermont on Jan. 7 that anyone without a gun in a gun-free zone was nothing but “bait” for “sickos.”

Trump won’t have to worry about students or their teachers being “bait” in more than three dozen school districts in America. Guns are not only allowed in class in those school systems — Trump should be happy to see teachers are being encouraged to come to school with a pistol in their pockets.

These teachers are ready to take down the sickos.

Anderson Union High School District officials in California understand the intent of Senate Bill 707 that Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signed into law in December. It is intended to keep concealed weapons out of high school and college campuses.

However, by ignoring the intent, and following the letter of the law, these teachers are not only being allowed to carry guns in their classrooms, they are also being encouraged to pack heat.

Some Ohio school officials are going even farther than their counterparts in California when it comes to arming teachers. They’re teaching their people how to shoot to kill.

WKRC-TV reported that close to 40 school districts in the Buckeye State now allow teachers who possess concealed carry permits to pack their guns into class. Teachers who choose to spend their school days armed to the teeth are also being offered free training courses.

Students in Anderson Union High School District in California are not only OK with their teachers carrying guns to class, they told KRCR-TV they felt safer knowing the adults were armed.

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