Ohio Governor Mike DeWine spoke out today on NBC in support of President Trump. He said that anytime he’d asked President Trump for coronavirus aid, the President has “come through.” This goes against the narrative the Democrats are trying to put out about the president. His coronavirus response has been fantastic, but the media and Democrats are desperately trying to change the narrative because of the election in November.

Ohio is important for President Trump in the upcoming election, and he could use all of the support from governors like DeWine.

The coronavirus has been used as a political football by governors like the one in Michigan. Note that these Democrats are trying their best to keep things shut down and to keep people fearful.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is going to cause the bankruptcy of so many businesses by keeping them shut down that the economy in the state will take years to recover. This is NOT President Trump’s fault, just like it’s not his fault that cities like New York and Portland are destroyed by anarchists.

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It’s the Democrats that are responsible for this destruction and chaos, NOT President Trump.

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