Back in 2016, Ohio passed a piece of legislation designed to strip baby chop shop Planned Parenthood of funding, a bill that was signed into law by Gov. John Kasich.

Well, that law has been blocked by the Sixth Circuit of Appeals, forcing Ohio taxpayers to pay for the murder of the unborn.

Pure evil.

The Daily Wire is reporting:

Mike Gonidakis, president of Ohio Right to Life, said the court has essentially ruled that corporations now have a right to public tax dollars, approximately $1.5 million annually.

“The Constitution does not give private corporations the right to taxpayer dollars,” Gonidakis said. “Planned Parenthood receives countless tax dollars a year from hardworking Ohioans, which frees up their budget to fund their real priorities: abortion on demand. We trust that pro-life Attorney General Mike DeWine will defend this law that protects the conscience rights of Ohio taxpayers at the Supreme Court, and that activist judges won’t get the final say in this matter.”

Planned Parenthood maintains that none of those tax dollars go to abortions, refusing to admit the fact that those funds are entirely fungible.

U.S. Circuit Judge Helene White said the two Planned Parenthood affiliates had a right to taxpayer dollars because abortion was a “protected activity” outside of the government-funded programs.

“What they do claim is a right not to be penalized in the administration of government programs based on protected activity outside the programs,” she wrote for the three-judge panel.

Reuters reports that “White said the law had violated Planned Parenthood’s due process rights by requiring a health care provider surrender its right to provide legal abortions as a condition of participating in programs that have nothing to do with abortion.”

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine spoke with the media and stated that he is considering an appeal on the ruling.

It is absolutely wrong in every sense of the word to take money from taxpayers and use it to fund the slaughter of innocent children. There’s simply no other way to put it.

An organization like Planned Parenthood should be forced to fundraise on their own time instead of relying on tax dollars to keep their horrific operations going. No person should be forced to pay for “health care” for anyone else.

Especially when doing so goes against their conscience or religious beliefs. Since we as private citizens do not get a chance to control how our money is spent by the government, there are things it just shouldn’t be used for, abortion being top among them.

We live in a culture that is willing to murder future generations for the sake of convenience and to make a quick buck. No society that allows such a barbaric practice can survive for long, as freedom and liberty are designed only for a moral people.

Therefore, let us work ever more diligently to defund Planned Parenthood and preserve life at every turn.

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