With OJ Simpson dying this week, we’ve covered the Juice more than I ever care to on this website.

And I expect this will be my final article on the man.


But I came across this today and I had actually never seen it before and it was so stunning and so jarring that I had to share it with you all.

Maybe you remember seeing this back in the early 2000s but I missed it.

This is a Fox interview with OJ Simpson which aired shortly after his book “If I Did It” was released:

O.J. Simpson has not formally confessed to the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman in any traditional sense. However, in a controversial TV special titled “O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession?” which aired on Fox, Simpson described a “hypothetical” scenario on how the murders might have occurred. During this account, he depicted a detailed and graphic sequence of events, at times speaking in the first person, which some viewers and commentators interpreted as a veiled confession.

This interview was originally taped in 2006 alongside the preparation of his book “If I Did It,” where Simpson outlines a hypothetical confession to the murders. Both the book and the interview faced significant public and legal pushback, leading to the initial cancellation of the TV special’s airing until it was finally broadcast in 2018. The special includes Simpson’s detailed description of the events that night, though he repeatedly asserts the narrative is hypothetical.

The interpretation of Simpson’s statements as a confession is debated. Prosecutor Christopher Darden, involved in the original murder trial, expressed his belief that Simpson’s detailed “hypothetical” account effectively amounts to a confession, highlighting Simpson’s description of taking a knife from a person he called “Charlie” and subsequently blacking out during the alleged attack​ (Oxygen Official Site)​​ (Okayplayer)​​ (PopCulture)​.

And now you have to see this….

The book and this interview both contain OJ Simpson talking “theoretically” and “hypothetically” about how things may have gone if he DID commit the murders.

What nonsense!

Listen to this and tell me if this sounds like a hypothetical to you or if it sounds like a cold-blooded confession:

Backup here if needed:

So, what do you think?

What that a stone-cold confession?


NEW Allegations Surface Following Death Of OJ Simpson, What Was He ‘Guarding’?

According to new reports, OJ Simpson legally bound all those visiting him on his deathbed to silence.

The highly controversial 76-year-old died on Wednesday evening after a long battle with cancer, yet even on his deathbed he demanded that his loved ones sign non-disclosure agreements.

My only question is what he was guarding so closely even on his deathbed? Seriously, who makes people sign an NDA as they’re breathing their last, dying gasp of air?

We all have our opinions on the OJ case, I believe he did it, and so do most people. What could he have possibly been hiding on his deathbed? Who was the guy trying to fool after all this time? What did he tell people?

We have more questions than answers at this point, but needless to say, the news has created a stir online as the story makes its way around the internet:

The New York Post reported:

All of OJ Simpson’s kids, including his two with slain wife Nicole, were at his side in his final days — and his loved ones and medical staffers were forced to sign NDAs, according to a report.

Friends and family who wanted to say their goodbyes to the former NFL great while he lay on his deathbed had to sign the non-disclosure agreements for “privacy” reasons.

Following the death of Simpson, one individual named Nicole Minet also claimed: “I’ve been waiting 29 years to tell this story about OJ and his days at USC. Now that he’s dead (may he burn in hell) I have a story that I signed an NDA for that is no longer valid.

I was a junior at USC working in Topping Student Center on campus in 1995. I was an administrative assistant to the President of Student Affairs that semester in the work/study program.

In early 1995, Robert Shapiro and Robert Kardashian (USC Alumni) walked up to my desk and said they had an appt with my boss.

I was studying to be a criminal defense lawyer with a dual major in PoliSci and International Relations so I knew who they were. The meeting lasted about 30 mins.

After they left I looked at my boss like wtf was that all about!? He walked me outside and we sat by the old sprawling big tree outside Topping and my boss lit a cigarette for the first time in years and told me I had to sign an NDA because I could confirm OJ’s lawyers were there for a meeting. Then he told me what the meeting was about.

Before OJ could graduate from USC, the university paid off two families of two blonde white girls that he had dated and battered.

They had both gone to the LAPD to report it. One claimed he also sexually assaulted her in their relationship. The school had a vested interest in OJ going far in football and protected him at all costs.

OJ had been in custody for 6 months and lawyers were in the discovery process for the trial and OJ’s friend Robert Kardashian, who knew OJ from also being a student at USC, thought it would be best if those stories never saw the light of day. So a large check was written, given to my boss, and they left. I’ll never forget holding that check.

Now, did you hear about this before now? Nope. That’s how much power money enables.

After he was acquitted I changed my major to Philosophy/Psychology double major. I understood that I could harm society more than not if I pursued law. This is also why I abhor the Kardashians. They’re rich thugs. Nothing more.”

Daily Mail also noted:

In addition to the NDA agreements, well-wishers were not allowed to bring their cell phones into the room with him. Around 30 – 50 paid their respects.

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

View the original article here.

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