James O’Keefe has built a reputation for being a fearless, truth-telling journalist. After his board ousted him earlier this year, following his expose on Pfizer, O’Keefe built a new platform for citizen journalists to take to the streets and uncover corruption. He announced Monday evening that he would be releasing a blockbuster story as his new enterprise takes off.

O’Keefe also tweeted an update to a story he broke seven months ago, declaring “more history will be made this week.”

O’Keefe who describes himself as a guerrilla journalist, posted his first video teaser revealing a massive investigation of the Democrat’s Giant network of donation harvesters. He plans to expose:

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“Tomorrow the O’Keefe Media Group drops its first story, with citizen journalists following up. Make sure you’re subscribed with notifications on! #OMG”

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O’Keefe has also structured his new organization differently following the fallout with Project Veritas.

Project Veritas had just released footage of a Pfizer director admitting the pharmaceutical company was considering mutating the Covid-19 virus for future opportunities to make money off of the vaccine. Project Veritas immediately released a second video of the same employee revealing the company’s internal concerns over the potential side effects the vaccine was having on women’s reproductive health.

O’Keefe Media Group is taking on the same role as Project Veritas, with a different structure so it is never shut down again. The website encourages the public to become founding members supporting this mission to expose corruption. The statement reads:

Welcome to the O’Keefe Media Group, we can never be shut down again, because not only do I own it, but you do too.

Support us and sponsor our army of journalists by becoming a founding member today.

O’Keefe Media Group is building an army of investigators and exposers along with the most elite journalists in the world. In the coming months you will see this army expanding across the country, every statehouse, every city council, every school board and everywhere people are conspiring to keep themselves in power, practice favoritism, or line their pockets with tax dollars.

Are you passionate about the O’Keefe Media Group’s effort to bring truth through journalism to the American public? Become a Founding Member to not only promote our vision but to sponsor the work of our hard-working journalists.

Be the First to drive the mission forward!

O’Keefe threatened those lying, cheating, stealing or scamming that “they might be the next unwilling star of the internet.” He warned that OMG is shipping $60k worth of cameras to 100’s of citizen journalists, saying the OMG army of exposers will soon be holding those in power accountable. “Your being watched! We are coming after you! The next time you try to take advantage of honest Americans the person sitting next to you may be holding a microphone or a camera.”

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