Yesterday, Republican US Senate candidate Tim Swain announced that the Oklahoma House just passed the SB624 bill.

KOCO– The bill proposes to name the section of State Highway 287 beginning at the municipal limits of Boise City extending southeast to the Oklahoma-Texas border in Cimarron County to be designated as the “President Donald J. Trump Highway.” It would direct the Department of Transportation to place suitable permanent markers bearing the name on the highway.

The Oklahoma House of Representatives voted to pass the bill Thursday. It now heads to the Senate for discussion.

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President Trump easily won the state of Oklahoma in the 2020 Presidential election, taking over 64% of the vote and sweeping all 77 counties.

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Tulsa, Oklahoma, was the site President Trump chose to host his first rally since the start of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. Trump’s rally with over 1 million registered attendees saw lower than expected attendance after Antifa and Black Lives Matter showed up to threaten and scare Trump supporters from attending.

Several videos on Twitter showed BLM protesters taunting and threatening Trump supporters as they leave the Trump rally tonight in Tulsa, OK.

Here is one of the videos shared by independent journalist Drew Hernandez.

Tulsa Police worked hard to clear the large crowd of BLM protesters from the streets as Trump supporters make their way to their vehicles.

Independent journalist Drew Hernandez captured Tulsa Police firing non-lethal weapons at BLM protesters who refuse to move back from the area they were trying to clear.

Moments later, Jack Posebiec shared an incredible video showing Trump supporters putting themselves between police officers and BLM protesters.

Trump was a wildly popular president in the midwest state. Al Gore was the only Democrat to win the state of Oklahoma since 1964.

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