Oklahoma State Rep. John Bennett made a comment on Facebook that was has since been removed after local Muslims didn’t see any moral equivalency between removing Mosques after 9/11 and removing Confederate statues. Everyone freaked out about his comment…even the governor of Oklahoma. We’d like to know what you think…See below for more info on this Patriot!

OKLAHOMA CITY – A Facebook post by an Oklahoma lawmaker is receiving a lot of attention after the post suggested removing mosques from America.

The post by Rep. John Bennett suggests that if Confederate monuments are being removed because of the Civil War, mosques should also be removed due to 9/11.

“If we’re removing Confederate monuments after the Civil War, I think we should also be removing mosques after 9/11,” his Facebook post said.

“It is not an idol. It’s a place where serve the poor, take care of the hungry and cure the sick. Making this association is extremely irrational,” said Imad Enchassi with the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City. “This is a place where American Muslims, Oklahoma Muslims, proudly serve fellow Oklahomans.”

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The post has since been taken down.

NO FREE SPEECH ALLOWED…We’re all supposed to just fall in line with what we’re told…TRUTH IS THE NEW HATE SPEECH…

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Bennett is one smart cookie! He called for a suspension of Syrian refugees way back in November of 2015:

SALLISAW, OK – State Rep. John Bennett, Sallisaw-02 (R) has called on Governor Fallin to suspend Oklahoma’s effort in resettling Syrian refugees in Oklahoma.

“According to the New York Times article on October 21, 2015, there have been dozens of Syrian refugees settled in Jenks, OK since 2012,” said Bennett. “What’s disturbing is that when I contacted the Jenks Police Department about this issue, they advised that the New York Times’ article was the first time anyone in their office knew about these resettlements.”

Bennett continued, “Given the light of the Paris attacks and that some of the terrorists arrived in France as Syrian refugees, I am calling on Governor Fallin to immediately suspend any current plans to relocate Syrian refugees in Jenks or elsewhere in Oklahoma and to identify those that have arrived under the relocation program since 2012. Via: Forty Six News

This is the kind of lawmaker trying to protect the people from terrorism…Bravo!



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