An Oklahoma parent is suing her school district after her 15-year-old daughter was “severely beaten” in the school bathroom by a 17-year-old transgender student.

The lawsuit, which was filed on May 25 by the victim’s mother Theresa Gooden, states that the attack occurred at Edmond Memorial High School on October 26, 2022. It alleges that the transgender student had “made previous threats of violence” against the victim and had previously been searched for weapons by police following these threats.

In the police report filed after the bathroom assault, the transgender student is referred to as student “A” and the victim is referred to as “V.”

According to the report, student “A” approached “V” in the girls’ bathroom to ask a question. “V” did not want to speak to “A,” who then grew angry and asked if she “wanted to fight,” then proceeded to punch her in the face. The attacker, a biological man, then carried on hitting and punching the victim who was unable to fight back due to the differences in strength.

One friend of the victim’s reportedly tried to step in and help but was hit twice in the face.

Per the police report, the victim sustained injuries to her “eye, face and head with a possible concussion.”


The Superintendent of Edmond Public Schools Angela Grunewald gave a statement about the incident shortly after it occurred, suggesting that the school did not even know that the assailant had been born as a male.

“You may ask yourself how can that happen?” said Grunewald. “It’s hard to explain, but if a parent comes in and enrolls their child as a certain gender, and when you look at that child by all social norms they look and present themselves as that gender, it’s not something you would question.”

The trans student had reportedly been enrolled as a woman without a birth certificate, which is not a requirement to begin high school.

However, the lawsuit alleges that Edmond Memorial continued to allow the trans student to use the women’s restroom even after they learned of their true gender.

Gooden is seeking $75,000 in damages for “severe physical and mental injuries, severe physical and mental pain and suffering, and severe emotional distress” endured by her child.

The accused attacker is no longer a student at Edmond Memorial.

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