It’s hard to imagine that John Kerry referred to the coronavirus as America’s “great wake-up call with respect” to climate, but he did. In an interview with Joe Scarborough, Kerry discussed an oped he wrote for the Boston Globe that does just that.

How in the world can Kerry equate the two? Using the deaths of Americans to push a political agenda is a low moment for Kerry. Here are his final fearmongering words saying we should buy into the climate change scam or pandemics will get worse:

“Coronavirus may be America and the world’s great wake-up call with respect to the challenge of climate because this is coming at us. If you think pandemics are bad today, wait until you have the warming at a greater level than it is now. And we’re headed there.”

It’s interesting to note that Democrat Nancy Pelosi also said the same thing yesterday that Republicans need to pay attention to  science: “Delay and denial caused deaths because they (Republicans) didn’t respect science and they don’t favor governance.”

The desperation by the old guard elitist Democrats to trash the president and push the climate change agenda is sickening.


Kerry went on to say the coronavirus is “America’s moment of truth”:

“The fact is that coronavirus may be America’s moment of truth in the sense that a lot of us were despairing that we were losing the capacity to decide in our country, in our democracy, what the baseline of truth is…And there has been a different kind of war taking place, it’s a war on science. It’s a war on scientists. It’s a war on facts.”

Kerry argued that ignoring the facts on climate change is similar to facts being ignored about the coronavirus:

“There’s another similarity to this great cause that we face, really the monumental choice of generations now, which is responding to the climate crisis. The same willingness to distort the truth, to put your head in the sand and not pay attention to the facts, and, mostly, to listen to the experts that has characterized coronavirus, which brings you a pandemic, is the same mischaracterization and avoidance of truth that has characterized the response to climate and the climate crisis.”

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