The Tokyo Olympics will be providing Olympic Athletes with cardboard beds in an effort to “stop the spread!”

With only a week to go before the start of the games, Olympic athletes are already arriving at their accommodations to find some peculiar precautions that were taken due to the ongoing threat of Covid19 and fears of an outbreak.

Athletes are being discouraged from engaging in any unnecessary close interaction or social get-togethers, including sexual intercourse. And to make sure that no one attempts to spread anything, all of the rooms have been furnished with “anti-sex” beds.

The beds are reportedly made from cardboard and they are designed to only be able to withstand the weight of one person. Any sudden movements will cause the recyclable beds to collapse and break.

They look pretty uncomfortable, more like an “anti-sleep” bed.


You can bet athletes will find a way around the flimsy cardboard beds. They’re just going to have to think outside the box. Literally.

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