Dov Hikind, a former NY State Assemblyman; the founder of Americans Against Antisemitism and a “forever a proud Jewish American and staunch supporter of Israel,” is taking his fight against anti-Semite lawmaker Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) to Times Square in the heart of New York City. Hikind is also a huge supporter of President Trump and his steadfast support of Israel.

Today, he joined hundreds of U.S. citizens in Times Square to protest the anti-Semitic lawmaker, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). During the protest led by Hikind, he demanded that Congres remove the freshman, Somalian immigrant lawmaker from House Foreign Affairs Committee. Hikind asked the crowd, “You know what she said about the Jewish people? You know what she said about each and every one of you? We hypnotize the world.” A passionate Hikind explained how Omar’s comments about Jews are similar to those made by Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s minister of propaganda, “By the way,” Hikind told the large crowd of mostly Jews, “those are the things that Goebel said in Nazi Germany—that the Jews hypnotized the world!” Hikind told the crowd, “At the very least, she [Omar] must be removed from the Foreign Affairs Committee.”

Hikind warned the Democrats, telling the crowd, “If they [Democrats] do not remove Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee, they must be defeated!”

Hikind just tweeted a video from the Times Square rally:

Hundreds of Americans gathered in Times Sq to send a msg: Must Go! Off the FA Cmte! If she isn’t removed, & Jewish Reps remain silent their seats won’t be safe in 2020. Silence is complicity & the Dems seem to have placed their bet on the antisemitic horses!

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