Douglas Murray, author of The Strange Death Of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam gives a stunning account of the “self murder” or Europe in the “Death Of Europe” article published by ExpressUK

I have travelled to the places where migrants continue to land and the places where they keep ending up. Everywhere I have gone I have come to the same conclusion: our continent is in the process of self-murder.

Amid the day-to-day distraction of life and politics, it is easy to forget this biggest event of our time. All pale into insignificance besides the story of the loss by Europeans of the only place we had to call home.

Whenever this country does have a debate about immigration it is minuscule. It tends to focus on Calais. The British public sees footage of people sitting in makeshift tents or hurling missiles into the roads to slow the trucks down so they can board them and break into Britain.

Each time actors, celebrities and politicians head to Calais and visit the camp. They return to tell the British public that it must be more open-hearted and generous.

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The argument they make is humane. It is an understandable reaction to human misery but it is a core part of our society’s suicide mission.

Take that example of Calais. Before the latest clearance of the camp there were about 6,000 people living there. None of them should have been there.

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By being there they had already broken every one of the rules that our continent put in place which demands they seek asylum in the first country of arrival. Almost nobody arrives into France first.

All these people have landed in Greece or Italy and made their way north.

And yet still the celebrities and others pick at our consciences. Can we not be generous and at least let in the people who are there? It is wholly understandable – and also ill-informed madness.

Over this year’s Easter weekend alone about 8,000 people were picked up between the coast of north Africa and the south of Italy.

They were described – as everyone always is – as being “rescued”. In fact what happens – what has been happening for years – is that each day boats filled with migrants set out from north Africa.

During the heights of the migration crisis of 2015, when Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel opened up the doors of Europe to the world, the whole continent began to buckle.

But in reality that flood of millions into Europe only sped up a process that had been under way for years. Ever since the postwar period European governments had encouraged migrant workers to come in.

At first – as Chancellor Merkel herself admitted in a speech in 2010 – they expected the workers to return home. But they didn’t. They stayed. As did the flow after that and the ones for decades after that.

The governments of countries such as ours failed to get anything right. All their predictions were wrong for decades. They were wrong that people would stay for only a short time. Wrong to think that they would not continue to come in large numbers.

Wrong that they might not want to bring their extended families to join them. And wrong to think that once the tap was turned on anything but very radical action could ever bring the numbers to a controllable level.

During the course of researching The Strange Death Of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam, I have travelled to see the places where those migrants who arrive on our continent end up. Last year the migrant crisis was widely believed to have slowed down.

But it had not and its effects were still visible everywhere. In the outskirts of Paris I saw hundreds of young sub-Saharan men living in tents in the middle of roadways. The French police would occasionally move them a few hundred feet further along.

In remote parts of Sweden areas that used to be filled with Swedes are inhabited instead by the residents of other continents.

Still the dream of some Europeans is that the arrivals into Europe will become European. It is more likely that Europe will simply begin to look increasingly Third World. For entire story: Express

The European Guardian made this ominous video warning Europeans of the danger they are putting themselves and their children in with their reckless open borders: 

A Safe Home Will Be Yesterday

You Will Fight To Survive…

Safety Will Become A Privilege Of The Political Elite.


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