Thanks to one very brave journalist and filmmaker, FERGUSON, a very important and extremely controversial play, is set to begin in New York City on October 19 and will run through October 30th.

Filmmaker and journalist Phelim McAleer

The New York version of FERGUSON is directed by Jerry Dixon.

Jerry Dixon, director of FERGUSON

Much like the contentious real-life drama that played out on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, when Michael Brown was shot dead by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, filmmaker Phelim McAleer’s controversial retelling of what really happened that fateful day in the Ferguson the play, using only the Grand Jury testimony from the Officer Wilson trial, is sure to ruffle some feathers.

Black Lives Matter has been perpetuating a lie about Michael Brown and how he was a victim of murder at the hands of a white police officer, who had no grounds whatsoever to shoot him.

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FERGUSON is a Verbatim Play – it only uses actual Grand Jury testimony from eyewitnesses who saw police officer Daren Wilson shoot Michael Brown. Most of these eyewitnesses are minorities and yet their accounts are totally at odds with the stories spun by the mainstream media and activists.

This is why it is so important to bring the truth to New York. Obviously the New York theatrical establishment won’t support this play. They seem to really detest anything that challenges their cozy consensus world view.

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Ferguson the play, was the brainchild of journalist and filmmaker Phelim McAleer, who many know for his hard-hitting documentary Fracknation, that pulled the curtain back on a false narrative being pushed by liberal activists and politicians, and exposed the truth behind the lies Americans were being told about the dangers of fracking.

Two years ago, when rehearsal began in Los Angeles for FERGUSON, McAleer found himself having to deal with 9 actors who walked out when rehearsals began, after reading the script (that is based on the verbatim Grand Jury testimony of the witnesses during the officer Wilson trial).

Actors pictured above are working on the Los Angeles production of FERGUSON.

What makes FERGUSON so compelling, is that not one word of the Grand Jury testimony is altered or changed. McAleer, who was determined to keep the show alive, explains how difficult it has been to get his play to the New York stage:

McAleer tells viewers in the promotional video below, that the truth about what really happened in Ferguson is not what the mainstream media’s been telling you.: “The truth was so shocking to so many people, that 9 of the cast walked out during rehearsals in Los Angeles. I was determined that the show would go on, even though the cast walked out. And the cast walked out because what they wanted to believe, didn’t match the truth that was in the  Grand Jury documents. They were so convinced by the media, of one version of events, and the truth didn’t matter to them, and they couldn’t handle it. So that’s why it’s so important to bring this to New York.”

Phelim goes on to remind viewers of how Mike Pence was attacked by the cast and audience when he went to see Hamilton in New York.

Despite the 9 members of the cast who walked out on the play in Los Angeles and the anger the play incited in many supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement, FERGUSON was very well-received by critics after its debut in Los Angeles.


Phelim McAleer is asking for help to fund his FERGUSON production. Please consider making a contribution to this very worthy cause by clicking HERE to donate.

FERGUSON “made for a riveting spectacle and comes as a reminder both of the adversarial dramatic power that is inherent in any courtroom testimony and how even the dry language of a legal transcript can come alive when placed in the hands of skilled actors. Add a standing-room-only audience and the high stakes of this country’s ongoing debate about race, police profiling and its use of lethal force, and you’ve got the ingredients for an incendiary evening of theater.” -LA WEEKLY

Hopefully, FERGUSON the play will cause Americans to understand what really happened in Ferguson through the eyes of the people who testified to what they actually saw that day and not through the lies of the mainstream media and the false narrative of Black Lives Matter leaders and activists.

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