There Is Now A One-Click Solution To Contact All Your Politicians To Stop The Steal.

According to the Gateway Pundit, “A website has been created to enable you to send an email to all the politicians in America related to overturning Biden’s theft of the 2020 election.  All we are asking for is that the ballots in the swing states be scanned in a forensic review that would allow fraudulent ballots to be identified. 

All politicians should be on board with this if they want truth and integrity in our elections.  If the results show that Joe Biden won without jamming millions of fraudulent votes into the 2020 election, then so be it.  But right now more than half of America believes the 2020 election was stolen due to fraudulent ballots being included in the current results sanctioned by the swing state governors and Secretaries of State.

We reported previously that a review of the ballots in the swing states will prove whether the ballots are legitimate or fraudulent.  That’s what we all want to know.”

The website also describes 10 types of evidence found during this election that all suggest massive fraud and the ‘Take Action’ button leads you to the ability to send emails as well as participate in other projects to defend a free a fair election process.

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You can learn more about the project at the The website is currently being inundated with traffic.  If you are unable to access the links now, please try back later when their servers are under less stress.



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