Republicans opened the year with a promising lead in the polls as pundits across the political spectrum were predicting a massive red wave this November in the midst of rising crime, inflation, and illegal immigration.

In the past two months, Republicans’ lead in the polls has receded according to some pollsters, such as Nate Silver’s 538 with Democrats now projected to hold the Senate and Republicans projected to win the House by a narrow margin.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) expressed doubt earlier this month that Republicans could retake the Senate, while Senator Rick Scott (R-Fl.) who is Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, remained bullish on Republicans’ prospects.

A new key data point revealed in an ABC News/Washington Post poll reveals that Republicans may be poised for an even bigger red wave than people first suspected.

The poll was a generic ballot that gave Republicans a slim nationwide lead, but gave them a massive lead in competitive swing states.

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The Daily Caller Reports

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A recent ABC News/Washington Post poll attempted to bury an extremely notable lead that points to Republican candidates taking over a majority of swing states.

Registered voters favor Republicans 55% to 34% in states that are highly competitive, ABC’s FiveThirtyEight poll reported. The 21% lead suggests a red wave election that will leave Democrats with numerous losses.

Analysts feel “fairly comfortable” stating that the GOP will win the House, Real Clear Politics (RCP) reported. If all of the “toss up” districts turned Democratic, Republicans would still maintain a majority of 218 seats.

RCP data points to 32 House races as “toss ups.” In a numerical breakdown, RCP rated 22 districts as “lean Republican,” 17 as “likely Republican” and 179 as “safe Republican.” Seventeen districts were “lean Democratic,” 20 were “likely Democratic,” and 185 were “safe Democratic.”

Recent issues of abortion, parental rights in education and government spending have resulted in more than one million voters across 43 states switching to the Republican Party in the last year, the Associated Press reported.

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