Just when you thought our unhinged media couldn’t become any more unhinged…Lyin’ Dick Durbin comes out with a comment he alleges Trump made in a private White House DACA meeting and you would have thought, by the reaction of the media, that a missile had landed in Hawaii.

The image perfectly sums up how the media has used a phrase, President Trump, Senator Cotton and Senator Perdue all claimed he never used the “shithole countries” phrase to describe Haiti, El Salvador, and various African countries when discussing immigration, but no matter, it was a great reason to attack the President, and to conveniently ignore the amazing run our stock market has had since Trump took office in January.

Today, the Epoch Times reported on a Wall Street Journal study: Most Economists Agree: Trump Is Driving Stock Market Boom, Economic Growth, Jobs

President Donald Trump received stellar marks in a survey of economists regarding his impact on the stock market, economic growth and job creation, according to a study conducted by the Wall Street Journal.

Of the 68 economists surveyed, nearly 90 percent agreed that Trump had a strongly positive or somewhat positive impact on the stock market, 76 percent agreed that the president had a strongly positive or somewhat positive impact on GDP growth, and 63 percent said that he had a strongly positive or somewhat positive impact on job creation.

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In addition, the majority of economists say Trump had a neutral or positive effect on long-term financial growth and a largely neutral impact on financial stability.

“There is definitely a sense in the business community that the president’s actions on taxes and regulations have led to a more pro-growth environment for them to operate,” Chad Moutray, chief economist at the National Association of Manufacturers, told The Wall Street Journal.

And now for the media’s smoke and mirrors show…

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Now that the stock market is breaking a new record every time we turn around, and the fake Russian collusion story is blowing up in the Democrats faces, and reports are coming out about historically low black unemployment numbers, perhaps it’s time for a little distraction. Perhaps the media could talk about, oh, I don’t know, how about a claim about a bad word that President Trump used in a private meeting? Maybe they could find a Democrat who was called out for lying by Barack Obama’s press secretary about something he claimed a Republican leader said about Barack Obama in a private meeting, to make such an outrageous claim? Hmmm…

Here are just a few examples of excerpts from articles written by popular “mainstream media” sources:


For much of the sentient world, Donald Trump’s deranged and appalling reference to Haiti, El Salvador, and African countries as “shithole” nations during a White House meeting on immigration reform, held last Thursday, became the latest evidence of, among other things, the president’s mental instability, the possibly irreparable descent of our democracy into an abysmal cesspool, and the chilling extent to which we have reversed decades of racial progress—the last of which was especially notable given the proximity of the remarks to Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The horrendous statement would drive the news cycle for four days, somehow proving that things could get worse for Trump than his depiction in Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury. Even the president appeared to understand, on some level, that he had spoken with woeful ignorance. By Sunday, Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue, both Trump loyalists, said that they couldn’t quite recall the word used in the meeting, and attempted to publicly walk back the remark by proxy. As the weekend drew to a close, likely sensing the need to open a new front on their war with the media, the White House accused The Wall Street Journal of misquoting the president regarding his amorous relationship with erratic warmonger Kim Jong Un.

On the far right, however, the president’s use of the word “shithole” was largely celebrated as Trumpism in its purest, most puerile form. “Donald Trump’s first instinct that ‘shithole’ would play well with his base was spot on,” Kurt Bardella, a longtime Republican press-relations professional and the former spokesman for Breitbart News, told me. “No issue throughout the past two decades has had a more energizing and mobilizing effect on the conservative base and media than immigration.”

From Quartz:

The job of a journalist is to give a damn. To call out bullshit. To uncover the fucked up. Yet journalists are discouraged from describing their work as such—because swearing is taboo.

That is changing, thanks to America’s sweary president, Donald Trump. After he reportedly referred to various countries as “shitholes,” the mainstream media did something surprising: They actually used the word. CNN’s usually unprofane chyron—the little strip of text at the bottom of the screen—laid the word out plainly.

A bot that tweets whenever the New York Times uses a word for the first time identified the first occurrence of “shithole” in the publication’s history.

And PURE CLASS from the Democrats top source of propaganda. One word…”shithole”:

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