The “hard working” First Family, in need of another taxpayer funded boondoggle, are off to mingle with the elites while snarling traffic for any family unfortunate enough to have saved money for a week on the Vineyard. Sounds just about right…

This makes you wonder what Trump will do for a vacation when he’s president…will he just go home or to one of his fabulous resorts? It’s funny how people forget that Trump needs none of the trappings of the presidency because he lives like this all the time. The truth is, he’s a hard worker who just wants to roll his sleeves up and work to make America better than ever. Pretty awesome if you really think about it…

CHILMARK, Mass. — President Obama arrived in Martha’s Vineyard on Saturday for his last summer vacation as president, bringing his wife, both daughters and even the family dogs along.

Valerie Jarrett was with the Obamas too…Is anyone surprised?

For the third straight year, the First Family will be staying at a family home owned by Joanne Hubschman off North Road in Chilmark.

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The family has vacationed on the Vineyard every year during the Obama presidency, except 2012, when the President was in the middle of a re-election campaign.

According to the White House, there are no public events scheduled during the visit.

He headed into this two-week break in an unusually festive mood, having just celebrated his 55th birthday…ON OUR DIME TOO.


On the island, Mr. Obama is expected to play a lot of golf and read a pile of books, if his past vacations here are any guide. He may attend a party or two given by friends who also vacation here, but for the most part the Obamas tend to keep to themselves. Mr. Obama is an avid sports fan, and with the Olympics playing on TV, he may have even more reason to remain in his rented home.

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