69 people were shot in gun-free Chicago over this past Memorial Day weekend. Meanwhile Barack Obama is busy working with Black Lives Matter terror groups to point fingers at law enforcement and white people for the crisis majority black neighborhoods are facing in their communities. When will the media start exposing the truth about gun-free zones in America? It should be clear to every American that violent gun related crimes don’t stop because you put up a gun-free zone sign in a neighborhood filled with bad guys.

black on black crime Chicago

Instead of focusing on broken families, elected Democrats have been ignoring these communities for decades in favor of kickbacks and favors from vendors and contractors and in many cases, outright theft from money that was designated for local schools or community improvement projects. Unless and until someone gets serious about finding jobs for blacks and cutting off welfare funding as a reward for teenage and single moms to have multiple children, this problem will only get worse. Children need a father in the home…period.

Here are a few crime statistics that prove most of the crime victims in the gun-free city of Chicago are black males. Black on black crimes are the biggest issue these communities face, yet Obama and race baiters for hire across America have magically turned the argument around and are blaming Whites and cops for the huge uptick in violence in these mostly black neighborhoods.


Sadly, a large number of the crimes have gone unsolved, as people who live in these neighborhoods don’t want to rat out the killers. (Note the number of shootings where police were involved vs. the number of shootings between citizens…HELLO Black Lives Matter!)

no suspect charged

Here’s what black Chicago residents really think of their Democrat leaders, including the former Chicago community organizer/hustler, Barack Hussein Obama. They explain how Democrats are really the people responsible for perpetuating black on black crime:


Just after midnight, in one of the last shootings of the Memorial Day weekend, two people pulled out guns and started firing in East Garfield Park.

The first call to police early Tuesday was for one person shot on Homan Avenue. Then a second victim. Then a third. Then someone walked into a hospital a few minutes later.

In all, 27 of the 69 people hit by gunfire over the weekend were shot in or near the Harrison District, one of the city’s most violent and one of the most heavily patrolled by police.

So many people were shot there that Deputy Superintendent John Escalante promised Sunday to beef up patrols. Nine more people were shot there by early Tuesday.

The breakdown from the weekend is: Three people killed and 12 people wounded Friday afternoon through early Saturday; one person killed and 24 people wounded Saturday evening through early Sunday; 13 people wounded Sunday afternoon through early Monday; and 16 people shot Monday into early Tuesday, two of them fatally.

Here’s a SHOCKING 30 DAY Stupidity Trend from HeyJackass.com


The holiday weekend was police Superintendent Eddie Johnson’s first since Mayor Rahm Emanuel picked the veteran cop to lead the embattled department in late March. The department sought volunteers to work overtime over the weekend, although police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi did not release figures on how many officers worked. Instead of hiring more cops during a city budget crunch, Emanuel instead has relied heavily on overtime to try to tamp down violence. Via: Chicago Tribune

With the constant bashing of law enforcement by Black Lives Matter terrorists, coupled with the desire by Barack Obama and AG Loretta Lynch to tie the hands of cops across America, it should come as no surprise that cops are no longer willing to go the extra mile to protect those who would like to see them harmed.

Question: How much on average does it cost for each gunshot victim in Chicago in 2016?

Answer: An ASTOUNDING $68,683* per person

*Costs assume the following:

$55,000: Average gunshot victim ER and hospital expenses.
$1000: Average CFD ambulance ride, only applicable to 80% of victims, rest self-transport.
$800: Homicide-related autopsies.
Doesn’t include hospice care or ongoing rehabilitation.
Cost estimates provided by Chicago Killings Cost $2.5 Billion.



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