According to Sports Business Journal’s Daniel Kaplan, the one thing that will be the nail in the coffin for the anthem protest is for a major sponsor to pull out of its advertising and support of the NFL. Then you will see the owners treating the players like the employees that they are. This is the next step in ending the ridiculous protest that’s killing a sport that brings Americans together.

NFL Team owners like Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys sees the damage this protest is doing to the sport. The financial aspect of this is huge for people with skin in the game like Jones. The sponsors like Jimmy John’s Pizza have expressed concern that their pizza sales have suffered because of the protest. They’ve been one of the big sponsors of the NFL along with many big corporate sponsors. If the NFL sees them go then it could be time to get real and treat the game of professional football like the business that it is…

Individual players may lose endorsements from local businesses too:

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Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller may not have his contract with a local Ford dealership renewed after he participated in the protest when he kneeled during the anthem.


Dallas Cowboys’ Jerry Jones’ hard line stance on the national anthem and his threat to bench any member of his team who disrespects the flag has put him at the center of the issue.

Jones, however, doesn’t worry about the critics who say he’s treating his players “like a plantation owner”, which one protester did to his face at the NFL meetings in New York last week.

“They don’t know me,” Jones said following Sunday’s 40-10 victory against San Francisco 49ers at Levi’s Stadium. “And I didn’t know them. I am well aware they don’t know me. To the extent that they were frustrated with me, they are wrong. Just wrong.”

Jones says critics are wrong with their character assessments and motive assumptions about his anthem stance.

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