The American people’s distrust of the Biden administration, the three letter agencies, Congress, and anything our corrupt government touches has sky-rocketed since the Covid 19 narrative was spun. Yet despite this fact, one Senator is imploring Congress to pass a bill allowing the government to decide what speech should be allowed online.

Colorado Democrat Senator Michael Bennet

A new Senate bill, labeled the “Digital Platform Commission Act of 2022” (DPCA), would seek to usurp the constitutionally protected right to free speech and give the untrustworthy, two-tiered US political system the ability to decide what can be said and what cannot be said online. US Senator Michael Bennet proposed the legislation and is promoting the new bill as a benefit to the American people. Americans, under Bennet’s plan, could look forward to having their government check their online speech for misinformation and to confirm that what they say is in the best interest of the public.

Bennet said the goal would be to “Create an expert federal body empowered to provide comprehensive, sector-specific regulation of digital platforms to protect consumers, promote competition, and defend the public interest.”

According to Becker News, if passed, the law would create a federal agency able to police Americans’ speech for “misinformation” and unacceptable “hate speech.”

Senator Bennet argued in favor of the bill, saying the government should be able to enforce content rules and would be able to issue mandates,

“The new Federal Digital Platform Commission would have the mandate, jurisdiction, and broad set of tools to develop and enforce thoughtful guardrails for a sector that has been left for too long to write its own rules, with serious consequences for everything from teen mental health to disinformation to anti-competitive practices that have hurt small businesses.”

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It appears Senator Bennet received campaign contributions from Sam Bankman-Fried, who was at the center of the FTX crypto-currency scandal. FTX, according to Jesse Watters, is the biggest financial fraud case in US history. Two billion dollars have gone missing, which left FTX bankrupt shortly after giving huge donations to numerous Democrat and RINO candidates. Watters said Bankman-Fried’s funds affected the November 2022 elections and helped prevent a red wave during the midterm. Bankman Fried also had closed-door meetings with Biden and his staff. He was at the White House in the Spring, around the time the US was sending billions of dollars to Ukraine. 


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Senator Bennet’s alleged financial ties to FTX, coupled with his goal of harming free speech under the guise of “public interest,” comes across as duplicitous. The public would be interested in an explanation of what happened to FTX investor money and what role the company played with the White House in Ukraine. Asking questions about government corruption would be a surefire way to get booted from the public square if Bennet’s bill passes. The way America moves forward and becomes great again is by throwing off unlawful regulations crafted by self-serving, socialist-leaning politicians who seek to undermine freedom and the Constitution.

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