Just hours after reinstating restrictions on gatherings of more than 10 people in Michigan to “combat the spread of COVID-19,” Governor Gretchen Whitmer spoke in front of 620 troops at Camp Grayling. Whitmer led the annual and ceremonial inspection of troops Friday morning at the Michigan National Guard’s Pass and Review. She stood on a Humvee beside Adjutant Major Gen. Paul Rogers and Col. Lavetta Benne, Chief of Staff for the Army, and paraded along a field lined with groups of soldiers, according the Traverse City Record-Eagle. As Whitmer galavants for political gain, she has the rest of the state on a tight lockdown reinstating additional “precautionary measures.”

After the event, a spokesperson with the National Guard said there were fewer than 100 spectators and about 620 troops at the ceremony. That makes the total a gathering almost three times the cap for outdoor events outlined in Whitmer’s latest executive order.

(Office of Gretchen Whitmer)

The MI Safe Start plan prohibits outdoor gatherings of more than 250 for regions including the northern Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula, with a cap of 100 elsewhere in the state. Friday’s executive order went into effect at 12:01 a.m. and the event at Camp Grayling took place at about 9 a.m.

Whitmer’s appearance at the ceremony is being seen as hypocritical to some, including Republican lawmakers.

“She’s playing a double standard the day that she puts further restrictions on establishments across Michigan and across (MERC) Regions 6 and 8 in particular,” said state Rep. Triston Cole of Michigan’s 105th district, covering Antrim County. “It’s so incredibly frustrating for the double talk and the ‘do as I say, not as I do’ attitude coming from this administration.”

When asked if the executive order includes exceptions that would have permitted gatherings of more than 250 for state or military personnel, Whitmer’s spokesperson provided no response.

Governor Whitmer’s new restrictions go a step further too…

All bars making 70 percent of their money from alcohol sales in the state must shut down services inside. These rollbacks on reopening in the Upper Peninsula and up north are raising questions all across the state, especially when looking at the data.

But wait…Whitmer reinstituted limits to indoor gatherings, but is allowing casinos to open up in just a few short days. Sounds like someone is being bought and sold to me! Not to mention, gyms are still closed throughout the State of Michigan.

Michigan has seen some of the country’s tightest COVID-19 containment measures, with Governor Whitmer prohibiting most forms of human contact, including a sweeping ban on “travel between residences” of any kind. The restrictions have come under intense criticism, particularly from conservatives who insist the rules are unconstitutional, prompting a wave of large anti-lockdown demonstrations between March and May.

The harsh restrictions don’t seem to apply to the governor herself though. In early June, Whitmer marches with thousands of radical BLM “activists” with little social distancing measures, according to the Detroit News.

When will the politically-motived, Chinese virus madness in Michigan end? Some are strong to share that so-called “precautionary measures” and nationwide riots will end immediately following the November election.

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