Leftist climate and anti-capitalist radicals were out in force on the streets of Manhattan today.

Protesters standing in front of the Bank of America Tower in Manhattan were holding signs that read: “Stop Funding Climate Disaster,” “Stop Funding Climate Death,” and “Bank of America Funds Ecocide – Stop Line 3 Pipeline”

At another nearby bank, an anti-capitalist protester attempts an incredibly stupid stunt to draw attention to himself.

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He doesn’t fare too well.

In the video below, onlookers videotape a protester dressed all in black and wearing a helmet and black mask (attire that is commonly worn by Antifa), as he scales the side of a Chase Bank in Manhattan. A young woman with a can of spray paint casually sprays a message on the front of the building as no one tries to stop either of them. A man wearing a suit and blue mask can be seen repeatedly telling the black-clad male to “get down.” As the leftist protester ascends to about the second story of the building, he slips and falls. He can be seen hitting the ground with a thud.

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As the protester’s body lies lifeless on the sidewalk, black paint he was carrying is seen oozing from his backpack onto the sidewalk.

NYFD and EMTs quickly arrive and offer first aid to the numbskull.

Play stupid games…win stupid prizes.

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