Joe Biden manages to get the name of the Korean President AND the Texas Samsung plant both wrong during his trip to S. Korea

As Joe Biden meets South Korea’s new President during his first visit in this capacity, he manages to call him by his predecessor’s name.

Biden meeting President Yoon (left) in South Korea

Biden landed in South Korea to tour a Samsung microchip facility alongside South Korea’s new president, Yoon Seok-youl. However, Biden referred to the newly elected leader of the Republic of Korea as “Moon,” not “Yoon.” Moon Jae-in served as Korea’s previous president.

“And President Moon – Yoon – you thank you everything you’ve done,” Biden said after the factory tour, stumbling disrespectfully over the leader of Free Korea’s name.

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This gaffe is not only disrespectful as he addresses a world leader by his predecessor’s name, but it also further establishes that Joe Biden is unfit to hold any office as he cannot even keep straight who he is talking to while on diplomatic affairs.

As if one gaffe wasn’t bad enough, though, he made a second one.

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Biden also misstated the name and location of Samsung’s newly planned Texas facility in Taylor, Texas as being in “Tyler,” Texas. Samsuns intends to spend billions at this facility, producing numerous jobs and increasing American manufacturing presence and Biden can’t even remember where it is.

An unfit “leader,” Biden has the memory of a senile goldfish. His dementia-inspired gaffes do not invoke confidence in his abilities among world leaders. When he goes to Asia in order to strengthen ties among our Japanese and South Korean allies under constant threat of a North Korean missile attack, the least he can do is get names and locations right. His inability to do so proves that he either does not care, or, more likely, physically cannot get things right. In either case, our allies are not impressed.

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